NZ EntoSoc Conference 2018


The Holwell Lab attended the New Zealand Entomological Society’s annual conference, which was held in Whanganui. Congratulations to lab members Rebecca Le Grice and Cass Mark for winning a 21st Anniversary Award! Erin Powell successfully held a ‘Bugs in the Pub’ outreach event where her and fellow lab mate Neil Birrell presented talks about insects to members of the public. We hope to run more similar events in the future!

New Year, New people, New projects!

2017 welcomes a number of new (and returning) faces to the lab and a burst of enthusiasm for invertebrates, field work, coffee and cake. At the very end of 2016, Erin Powell arrived from Lisa Taylor’s lab at the University of Florida to commence a Marsden Funded PhD project on harvestmen and their ridiculously exaggerated male weaponry. Neil Birrell also finished the year by starting his MSc research on black soldier flies and why you should be eating them (well….indirectly, by way of chickens). Once┬áthe clock ticked over into 2017, Rebecca Le Grice – who worked on fighting and mating in giraffe weevils in the Holwell lab during 2014 – returned from her adventures around Africa to start her PhD on the ecology and behaviour of New Zealand seaweed flies. Look out for her on a beach near you! Cass Mark is also returning from her 2014 MSc on moth antennae and a year of work on mantis antennae in the Holwell lab to commence a PhD project looking at crypsis and masquerade in moths. Morgane Merien will also soon start her Honours research project on the stick insect Clitarchus hookeri.

What an exciting time for the lab, lots of new research directions and new species┬áto play with. We are sure to uncover some fascinating natural history and let the world know more about New Zealand’s amazing invertebrates!